Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream - Disposable Vape Flavors

Strawberry Cream is a luscious flavor profile that offers a blend of fruity and creamy. This unique blend is sure to satisfy your cravings for a refreshing vape.

Cherry Lemon is a tart and fruity flavor that is perfect for those looking for a tangy taste. This flavor has a strong raspberry taste balanced with a hint of lemon. This flavor is available in a disposable pod device and provides around 2,000 puffs per gadget.


The luscious essence of strawberry caresses your palate with each puff, a sensation similar to savoring a delicious dessert. Then, the velvety richness of cream emerges to provide a harmonious blend that satisfies your vaping cravings for something sweet and indulgent.

Breeze Pro disposables come prefilled with 6ml of e-Liquid for a satisfying vaping experience, and they offer 2000 puffs per device. They also include a rechargeable 1000mAh battery for longer usage and a sleek design that fits easily in your hand.

They come in a variety of refreshing flavors, including strawberry, banana cream, and cream soda. You can also try their fruity flavors such as mango kiwi or orange mango watermelon, or you can go for the bolder tobacco flavor like Cherry Lemon or Vanilla Tobacco. They even have a Bubble Gum Freeze flavor for those looking to get creative with their taste buds.


The Breeze Pro is one of the most popular disposable vapes in the United States. It holds 6ml of e-juice, has a long-lasting 1000mAh battery, and features mesh coils. The device also comes with a stylish and elegant design. It’s available in many different flavors and is a good choice for newcomers to the world of vaping.

The flavor options for the Breeze Pro are incredibly diverse, including menthol and tobacco flavors. These are ideal for vapers who want to experience traditional cigarette-like flavor without the negative side effects of nicotine.

There are even a few unique flavors available, like strawberry banana and blueberry mint. All of these flavors are available in a variety of nicotine strengths. Breeze also has a wide selection of fruity flavors that are perfect for those who prefer lighter, sweeter flavors.


Imagine a bowl of fresh strawberries and a dollop of cream—that’s what you can expect when you enjoy Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream. The harmonious blend of ripe strawberries and velvety cream envelops your palate with a soothing flavor profile that is both fruity and luxurious.

Breeze Pro provides a wide range of flavors to cater to every vaper’s taste. Whether you prefer the sweet and tangy taste of citrus or the refreshing and invigorating flavor of mint, Breeze Pro has a variety of options to please your palate.

This is one of the best disposable vape devices with a long battery life, great flavor selection and advanced features all packed into a sleek design. It’s a next generation disposable vape that’s sure to take your flavor experience to new heights. The device offers a variety of nicotine levels from 0mg up to 6%. Its advanced Mesh Coil design offers you a smooth, satisfying vaping experience.


The succulent sweetness of luscious strawberries caresses the palate in a harmonious symphony with the decadent essence of velvety cream. Every inhale reveals new layers of flavor, complemented with subtle notes of smooth tobacco and delicate oak. The complex interplay of flavors satiates the senses and elevates the vaping experience to a whole new level.

Each flavor profile is expertly crafted to captivate the taste buds, whether you prefer the natural sweetness of fruits, the indulgence of desserts, or the refreshing coolness of menthols. Each Breeze Pro flavor is infused with premium ingredients to offer irresistible tastes and aromas that awaken the senses and energize the spirit.

A perfect pick-me-up, Banana Mint is a custard-inspired banana blend with hints of mint that’s ideal for vapers who enjoy the boldness of energy drinks. A fusion of fruity flavors and creamy richness, this flavor is sure to be your new favorite.

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